by Caroline Sabas

- Homér, “The Odyssey”

“My every impulse bends to what is right. Not iron, trust me, the heart within my breast. I am all compassion.”
- Homér, “The Odyssey”

Otherworldly refreshing CALYPSO FOUNTAIN caresses like a gentle breeze. At first, it brings the fruity juiciness of top notes, then the bright florals of the heart, and finally the woodiness of the base, all reminiscent of early morning on a Mediterranean island. In “Odyssey” by Homer, that island–named Ogygia–is where the nymph Calypso professes her undying love to the King of Ithaca and holds him captive until Zeus intervenes, and Odysseus is free to return to his wife.

Top Notes:

Bergamot, chinotto, clementine

Heart Notes:

Pina Colada, jasmine, rose, lotus blossom

Base Notes:

Sandalwood. palmwood, amber, musk

Fragrance Wheel:

Fruity & Floral

Caroline Sabas

Caroline Sabas

“Imagine standing on the shore of a calm Greek island in early summer. Breathe in deeply and let the scent of the sea wrap around your senses. Citrusy notes like sparkling bergamot and fresh chinotto reflect the freshness of the sea. Sweet clementine, creamy jasmine, lush rose, and bright watery lotus blossom are like sunrays kissing your skin. Warm woody accords of sandalwood and palm wood blend with golden amber and transparent musk, rounding off the easy, bright, and breezy composition of CALYPSO FOUNTAIN.”

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