Selecting a perfume is not only about the top, heart, and base notes. It’s about personal stories we tell ourselves and others. It’s about who we are. So what is your story?


Aren't perfumes

the best storytellers?

Each scent a fragment of a moment, a whisper of a memory, or a door to new adventures. Inspired by world-iconic novels, NOVELLISTA perfumes capture the essence of the most beautiful and unrepeatable stories, one whiff at a time.

Places, themes, and unique atmosphere of selected artworks have left their marks on the unique, quality-crafted scents. A wide fragrance spectrum and unisex profile allow a wide variety of expressions. Through our perfumes, we want to inspire people to manifest their unique characters and start writing stories of their own.

Your story begins now

A library of scents

NOVELLISTA perfumes form a well-balanced collection of unexpected scents that cover all main olfactory groups on the fragrance wheel.


Our favorite scent should not be selected using obsolete social conventions. It is not about what we should like, but about what we do like. Not sure? Start here.


Unique Wood

Inspired by the entrancing adventure novel “The Boy in the Bush,” UNIQUE WOOD evokes the untamed spirit of the Australian wilderness. The perfume’s top notes combine energizing pink peppercorn with powerful geranium and soothing lavender. In its heart, you’ll find spicy black and Sichuan pepper and woody-green viola flower, while the base notes contain Amberwood and warm tones of tonka bean and vanilla.


Rouge Privé

Inspired by the darkly romantic novel “Roxana,” ROUGE PRIVÉ distills the triumphant yet wicked feeling of seduction into a heady scent. The top notes of this perfume combine enchanting Damask rose with fresh lemon and delicate bergamot. Heart notes contain sensual rose intensified by peony and alluring patchouli, while in the base you’ll find soothing benzoin balm, vibrant vetiver, and enticing musk.


Summer Flare

Inspired by the enchanting novel “Daisy Miller,” SUMMER FLARE elicits the feeling of long summer nights on a picturesque shore. Its top notes combine fresh grapefruit, melon, and peach with energetic spearmint. The heart contains cheeky pink peppercorn, joyful Sambac jasmine with white summer flowers, and green notes. The base is built on comforting Texas cedarwood, soft sandalwood, beguiling vanilla, and warm white musk.