by Cyril Roland

- D.H. Lawrence, “The Boy in the Bush”

“In his heart he felt a certain excited flutter at being in a real new land, where a man could be really free. Though what he meant by ‘free’ he never stopped to define.”
- D.H. Lawrence, “The Boy in the Bush”

Wildly energizing UNIQUE WOOD evokes the untamed spirit of nature and a heady feeling of freedom. The journey starts with spicy top notes giving way to peppery, green heart and warm, woody base. The resulting composition is just as unchained as the protagonist of “The Boy in the Bush” by D.H. Lawrence and M.L. Skinner. In this coming-of-age story, set in the raw bushlands of Western Australia, English teenager Jack first learns about freedom in a newly subdued land.

Top Notes:

Pink peppercorn, geranium, lavender

Heart Notes:

Sichuan pepper, black pepper, viola flower

Base Notes:

Tonka bean, amberwood, vanilla

Fragrance Wheel:

Woody & Aromatic

Cyril Roland

Cyril Roland

“When creating UNIQUE WOOD, the biggest challenge for me was to find the right balance of woody notes to keep the elegance of the fragrance. I had a clear picture in my mind of how this fragrance should be, and my goal for it was to embody the attributes of the novel. The freshness of the scent given by bergamot and pink berries in the top note combined with the warm bottom notes of wood and amber create a duality. Bringing these two contrasts together creates a harmonic fragrance.”

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