by Cyril Roland

- T. E. Lawrence, “Seven Pillars of Wisdom”

“The abstraction of the desert landscape cleansed me and rendered my mind vacant with its superfluous greatness.”
- T. E. Lawrence, “Seven Pillars of Wisdom”

Irresistibly intense DESERT WOOD smells like a bountiful spice market. The top notes are smoky, but the scent soon turns peppery at the heart, then transforms into a woody and calm base. The perfume was inspired by T. E. Lawrence’s autobiographical report “Seven Pillars of Wisdom.” In it, the British officer nicknamed “Lawrence of Arabia” recounts his part in the Arabian Revolt of 1916 as well as his respect and admiration for the strength and tenacity of Arabs.

Top Notes:

Nutmeg, pink peppercorn, ginger

Heart Notes:

Saffron, incense, chilli

Base Notes:

Benzoin, lorenox, sandalwood

Fragrance Wheel:

Oriental & Woody

Cyril Roland

Cyril Roland

“DESERT WOOD is a woody, spicy fragrance built around sandalwood which gives an olfactive color of golden sun shining into a valley. A smoky vetiver bourbon essence accentuates the idea of smelling scorched wood. Then there is a spicy, balsamic cocktail of nutmeg, peppers, ginger, incense, saffron, vanilla, benzoin, and lorenox that creates the sense of a hot, arid desert climate and the mineral smell of sand. All these ingredients in one composition stir wanderlust and beckon to discover Lawrence of Arabia’s mystical East.”

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