by Marie Huguenot

- Pierre Loti, “Madame Chrysanthème”

“It is the diary of a summer of my life, in which I have changed nothing, not even the dates, thinking as I do, that in our efforts to arrange matters we often only succeed in disarranging them. […] The three principal personages are myself, Japan, and the effect produced on me by that country.”
- Pierre Loti, “Madame Chrysanthème”

Nobly romantic SILK DESTINY is a continents-spanning love affair in a bottle. The composition opens with top notes of pink peppercorn and bergamot, then continues into a delicate flowery heart and a silky base. The smoothness of the perfume was inspired by the refinement of geishas in “Madame Chrysanthème” by Pierre Loti. The novel tells the story of a relationship between a French naval officer stationed in Nagasaki, and his temporary Japanese wife, a geisha named Kiku.

Top Notes:

Pink peppercorn, tangerine, pear, bergamot

Heart Notes:

Sambac jasmine, rose, Indonesian patchouli

Base Notes:

Elemi gum, musk, sandalwood, Amber

Fragrance Wheel:

Chypre & Floral

Marie Huguenot

Marie Huguenot

“A luminous soft floral perfume with a silky sillage, that is SILK DESTINY. The biggest challenge while creating it was to find the perfect balance between the floral heart and the base notes made of musk, amber, and wood. While the sparkling top note is reminiscent of bright Japanese kimonos, the floral heart is made of rose, Sambac jasmine, and Indonesian patchouli to evoke the refinement and softness of geishas. The silk effect is the result of combining precious elemi gum, amber, and sandalwood, and triggers optimism, confidence, and comfort.”

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