by Amandine Galliano

- Léonard-Alexis Autié, “Souvenirs de Léonard, Coiffeur de la Reine Marie-Antoinette”

“At last, I could pass in any company as someone who was well brought up and when I spoke, my words rarely belied the class of my elegance and my sense of style.”
- Léonard-Alexis Autié, “Souvenirs de Léonard, Coiffeur de la Reine Marie-Antoinette”

Cheerfully luxurious COUTURE CHIC is synonymous with the decadent scent of Versailles. While the opening notes are fresh and peppery, the heart notes are full of precious florals, and the base is built entirely around delicious sweets. This olfactory rendition of past splendor is based on Léonard-Alexis Autié’s autobiography “Souvenirs de Léonard, Coiffeur de la Reine Marie-Antoinette,” which offers a unique insight into the royal decadence of prerevolutionary France.

Top Notes:

Orange blossom, green notes, pink peppercorn

Heart Notes:

Turkish rose, Sambac jasmine, orris root

Base Notes:

Bourbon Vanilla, patchouli, cassis praline

Fragrance Wheel:

Floral & Fruity

Amandine Galliano

Amandine Galliano

“COUTURE CHIC is an elixir of epicurism, florals, and pure sensuality that exists between light and shadow. While based on a simple recipe, it emits an irresistible sublime harmony. I used orris root, which is one of the most expensive perfume ingredients, and combined it with patchouli, Sambac jasmine, and orange blossom to evoke the feeling of noble luxury. The uniqueness of the scent is further supported by gourmand notes of cassis praline and bourbon vanilla which creates the addictiveness women like.”

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