by Amandine Galliano

- Gertrude Bell, “The Desert and the Sown”

“The world of adventure and enterprise, dark with hurrying storms, glittering in raw sunlight, an unanswered question and unanswerable doubt hidden in the fold of every hill.”
- Gertrude Bell, “The Desert and the Sown”

Fearlessly adventurous SAFFRON WHISPER invites the wearer on an enchanting Middle Eastern journey. From woody opening notes through a floral heart to a green base, the scent is perfect for travelers whose heart always leads them off the beaten path. It is composed as an olfactory soundtrack to the travelogue “The Desert and the Sown” by Gertrude Bell, which chronicles her adventurous travels from Jericho, Palestine, to Antioch, Syria, through lands torn apart by tribal wars.

Top Notes:

Agarwood, blackcurrant, benzoin

Heart Notes:

Geranium, rose, raspberry

Base Notes:

Saffron, birch, frankincense

Fragrance Wheel:

Woody & Oriental

Amandine Galliano

Amandine Galliano

“SAFFRON WHISPER concentrates the sensation of infinity in one of the most mystical ingredients–oud (agarwood). I wanted to create a perfume that could bring you into the heart of the desert and free your mind of this stressful world. Far away, a smoky wisp of incense floats towards the heavens. This perfume is a pure elixir of sensuality and elegance lying between light and shadow, oud in accord with saffron. I used birch with frankincense combined with rose to create the unique smell of noble luxury in a perfume.”

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