by Leslie Girard

- Miguel de Carrión, “Las impuras”

“There are women, indeed, in whom the trembling of kisses received previously persists for a long time on the surface of the skin, making them softly blush as they remember their lover or absent husband: Last night there was a party of love.”
- Miguel de Carrión, “Las impuras”

Provocatively subversive VANILLA CLUB stands aside from the usual perfume categories. Starting with top notes of tobacco, it dissolves into coca and vanilla heart and then dries down into clean honey base notes. The sensual and heady scent of this perfume is inspired by prerevolutionary Havana of the novel “Las impuras” by Miguel de Carrión, where a fallen aristocrat Teresa, although kind and honest, is treated as “an impure” by the shallow society for her affair with a married man.

Top Notes:

Tobacco, cloves, dried fruit

Heart Notes:

Cocoa, tonka bean, vanilla

Base Notes:

Labdanum, honey, benzoin

Fragrance Wheel:

Woody & Oriental

Exclusively at Notino

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