by Jean Michel Santorini

- Jack London, “The Call of the Wild”

“Night came on, and a full moon rose high over the trees into the sky, lighting the land till it lay bathed in ghostly day.”
- Jack London, “The Call of the Wild”

Pleasantly earthy DEEP MOON calls for a return to nature. Fresh and zesty top notes transition into a surprisingly herbal heart that fades into a green base reminiscent of a deep forest bathed in moonlight. Inspired by the scents smelled by a wolf on the prowl, the perfume is an olfactory adaptation of “The Call of the Wild” by Jack London. The novel, set in the Canadian wilderness during the gold rush, tells the story of a sled dog’s struggle for survival and its triumphant answer to the titular call.

Top Notes:

Grapefruit, orange blossom, cardamom seeds

Heart Notes:

Coriander, ginger essential, sage absolute

Base Notes:

Moss, vetiver grass, vanilla

Fragrance Wheel:

Woody & Oriental

Jean Michel Santorini

Jean Michel Santorini

“When creating DEEP MOON, the biggest challenge for me was to find the olfactory balance of scents illustrating the conqueror’s presence in the wild. The perfume is inspired by the adventure novel ‘The Call of the Wild’ by the American novelist Jack London. The perfume can be described as a spicy, woody oriental scent for the adventurous man.”

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